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Lela Cute Persian kittens


 Email : [email protected]


MY BABIES ARE AVAILABLE TO PET HOMES ONLY . You are purchasing your kitten for the sole purpose of a loving companion . Remember you get what you pay for, do not bargain shop!!!!!




Kittens will be spayed or neutered before Placing ,Cost of spay /neuter included in the Price ..


If you are interested in being on my waiting list for a kitten, please let me know. I give the families who have placed a deposit first pick of my kittens, then I contact families on my waiting list before I offer them for sale to anyone else. A deposit of $400 is required to hold a kitten once you have made your choice. Deposits are non-refundable so make sure you are positive you really want the kitten you choose..


I keep my kittens until they are 10 to 12 or 15 weeks old depending on how they are eating and how well they are developing. It is my sole discretion as to when I feel a kitten is ready to go to their new forever home, based on how they are maturing. The balance for your kitten is due at the time of pick up if you are picking up in person or two weeks prior if I am shipping the kitten. When you pick up your kitten, I will NOT accept a check for the balance, you must bring CASH for the balance.


I start my kittens out at an early age with getting them accustomed to being groomed. This means your kitten will have had their hair brushed on a regular basis as well as baths and nail trimming. It is important to keep this habit up so that as your kitten gets older and developes a full adult coat, they are used to being combed and do not mind being bathed and groomed. My cats are so used to being groomed, that most of mine purr and relax in my lap while I groom them.


My kittens are raised in an extremely clean environment and are used to this. You must scoop your litterbox everyday. Cats are very clean animals and do not want to step on their own poop. It is very important to keep their litter box clean. Not scooping is like going in an outhouse, yucky and stinky!!!!


I reserve the right to cancel or refuse a sale of any kitten, anytime up until the time of delivery, for any reason, if I feel it is not in the best interest of the kitten.



Shipping is available although I do prefer for you to pick your kitten up in person or that I hand deliver. Shipping is $400 which includes the airline fee, crate, & health certificate. I ship out of Abbotsford and Seattle . Hand delivery depends on where you are located, mileage and lodging if needed.